Our Specialization

Data Collection and Management

Lead in the collection of data at the point of care reducing the use of fault prone paper-based systems.

Transfer of Quality Information

Electronic health record tools allow care providers to collect, store, retrieve and transfer information quickly and securely.

Data Science

Report and analyze what has happened in the past, and ultimately project or infer what will happen in the future, use data to anticipate patient needs

Our Company

What’s the one thing that’s most important at IBA ?

We are more or less at a crossroad between Health & technology – using the latter to improve the former.

Ensuring that the right health information is provided to the right person at the right place and time in a secure, electronic form to support the delivery of quality and efficient healthcare is our primary goal.

In order to achieve this, we have developed unique web based Electronic Medical Records Management Systems


What We Strive For

IBA has noted that quite often when it comes to health care systems, the software and infrastructure to record and forward patient information is not available on a regular basis, including ability to transform your data into insights that give a fresh perspective on your patients......Basically decipher insights from your unexplored data, we work towards addressing this gap

We are aware that organisations are continuously faced with the challenge of how to extract value from all their available data sources and make more informed decisions that will improve their operations...


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide creative and efficient ways to capture healthcare data and ensure that the right health Information is provided in a form that supports decision making.

Our Vision

To be the preferred HIS (Health Informatics Systems) products and service provider in the region.